“After interviewing several roofing companies, I decided to use Premier South of LA, located in Baton Rouge, La. Because most roofing companies have excellent salesman representing their company, it can be difficult to determine which company will provide quality work. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY NEW ROOF! My job was not an easy one. My home is large with many hip angles or roof lines which are unusually steep. Choosing the overlapping roof tiles was a great choice because they added much more definition to each angle. An added problem Premier South had to address was the extensive landscaping and sloping flower beds all around my home.

One company wanted to charge an extra fee to protect the landscape; however, this was no problem for Premier South.

Our Louisiana weather is always a problem when planning an outdoor project. Premier South used two crews on my home; therefore, their company was able to complete my total project in 2 full days before strong thunderstorms the following day. (Also, great clean up and NO problems or damage to our landscape.) One important element to a homeowner is references and examples of a company's work. In contrast to other roofing companies, the office staff of Premier South immediately was able to provide numerous addresses of large homes (many with roof tiles) in the Baton Rouge area that I could easily access and analyze their work.

The last noteworthy comment was that it was very impressive that the owner of Premier South was present on the job site to supervise 95% of the time. Thanks again Premier South for a job well done!’

Sylvia C., Baton Rouge, LA

Premier South of LA